St. Joseph Catholic School

This project was one of our most exciting to work on, as we were given the opportunity by the new school administration to completely think outside the box and come up with a whole new brand identity that truly complemented the schools overall mission and vision.

While this project required more than what our primary services offer, St. Joseph Catholic School decided to go BIG or go home.

The process for this project was multi-faceted in its approach, but we were able to work out a custom quote that included a branding sprint (5 hour brainstorming session) with key committee leaders, a redesign of the school logo (including a bonus logo for its athletics program), a brand standards and guidelines book, and lastly a full website redesign to complement the new brand identity. In other words, this was the full kit-n-caboodle of all redesigns and we’re so grateful to the team at St. Joseph Catholic School for allowing us to be part of their journey.

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