Design With A Royal Touch.

A brand without a vision is a business without a mission.

We create eye-catching brands and websites that enhance business perception, improve performance, and yield results.

Logo Design

Strong brands can influence consumer confidence. We help you discover the vision, mission, and values that drive your brand.

Website Design

With your brand identity crafted, we get to work designing a website that encourages action, increases awareness, and cultivates brand loyalty.

Strategy Consulting

With a strong brand foundation and new website unleashed upon the world, we coach you in best practices for marketing and brand awareness.



Expecting results without a process is a roadmap to nowhere.

We guide you step-by-step to discover the vision and values that define your brand and inspire quality business decision-making.



Forging lasting partnerships.

Saint Joseph Summit

The Saint Joseph Summit is the first in its class of virtual conferences featuring 60+ renown Catholic speakers and 20+ hours of inspiring and…

Alexis Walkenstein Enterprises

As the queen of publicity, strategy and influence, and an all-around guru when it comes to attention-grabbing, Alexis came to Regent seeking a new…

Christine Huber

We had the pleasure of assisting Christine and her husband and business manager, Gary, on their journey to crafting a minimalist, yet classy brand…