Diocese of St. Augustine

How do you take a 150 year old Catholic diocese and bring it into the 21st century? Very carefully.

We knew from the beginning this project was going to be a challenge, so we partnered with our friends at Highland to help us develop a modern site for a traditional institution. 

The main priority of the diocese was that their new site had to be mobile-friendly, as recent trends are showing more and more website traffic comes from mobile visitors. To not have a mobile-responsive site in today’s world online spells certain death for any business. 

Secondly, we needed to figure out a way to showcase their loads of content in a manner that one could easily navigate and that made sense. So in order to take the load off the homepage, we decided to setup a multi-site environment that would allow some offices and ministries to create their own mini-site as an offshoot of the main site. With a little bit of training, this allows each office or ministry to manage their own websites and content, thus decentralizing the management of the content, a responsibility that the Communications office who has managed the site for years was happy to hand over. 

In the end, what we were able to accomplish in launching this new site was an amazing feat for everyone involved. 

Job well done!